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My journey

As a banker for many years, I have always paid attention to my appearance. Being perfectly dressed has always been essential for me, because after all, you are judged by your appearance before making yourself known in this professional environment.


And then, one day I got married and as a personal choice, I decided to quit my job and dedicate my time and energy to care for my family. That is when I realized how much less time I had to worry about my appearance, and how hard it was to be impeccably put together with little demons giving hugs with filthy hands. Today, being a mom has allowed me to understand all the women out there who have made it to work with partially brushed hair. Ladies, I understand you and I respect you!

Now that my sons are older, I have decided to get back on track and start my own business: to create something that I was longing for the past 3 years, to look unique and attractive effortlessly. Thus, MAAKEL Jewelry was born. No matter how basic my outfit would be, my jewelry would make me stand out.

That rush you get the minute you set foot at a fancy bar looking your best, feeling confident and beautiful and you know all eyes are on you? That is what I want you to feel wearing my jewelry and walking into any room, any day.